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Universal Damper Kit - 304 Stainless Steel
(Lifetime Guarantee)

The Universal Damper-Kit fits inside the Universal chimney cap to make a cap-damper. The damper can be shut to seal the chimney. Because of its adjustable HI-Temp fiberglass gasket installer it can fit most chimney flues. Anything the Universal Cap will fit, so will the damper!

Four sizes are available: 13"x13", 13"x18", 18"x18", and the California 13"x20.5" damper kits are all 304 stainless steel and come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Damper plate closes against fiberglass gasket (white) for a tight seal (screen removed for demo).

You could be losing $350.00 or more out of your chimney, every year, without even knowing it.

Huge heat loss occurs when a chimney’s damper doesn’t seal properly or is missing or broken. You can’t see it, the heat just goes out of the house. If your chimney’s damper isn’t sealing properly it’s like leaving a front door open in the middle of winter.