I’d like to introduce my self and my company Chimney Products, Inc.

I am a second generation chimney contractor and have been in the chimney business for over 15 years now, from cleaning and maintenance, to installation and manufacturing. Throughout my time I have always strived for high quality parts and delivery.

Quality can be defined as “The degree of excellence of something.” From the quality of our product, to our service, and at each and every point in between. Our mission at Chimney Products, Inc is to make every aspect of your relationship with our company of such high quality that no need is ever left unfulfilled and no want ever left unsatisfied.

From the quality craftsmanship of each and every one of our chimney parts and accessories (all made in America) to the ordering experience and all the way down through the line until our product arrives on your doorstep, it is my mission to make sure you are fully satisfied with everything we do.

We believe our product is one of the finest in America and have thousands of satisfied contractors who agree. We have very competitive pricing that is usually at or below our closest competitors. Keeping the price low while maintaining high quality, so you can put more money in your pocket at the end of the day, is just another way we strive to service our clients.

When expertise and uncompromising service meets the quality of RMR Products manufacturing, the result is a top notch professional company designed to service other professionals in the field of chimney and fireplace construction and maintenance.

Please feel free to call on me personally anytime with questions, suggestions or queries.

Warm wishes,

Julian Margo