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3.5 gallon bucket of Smoktite.

Smoktite material has been specifically formulated to be applied to the inside of fireplace smoke chambers only by using our Smoktite System. The material is shipped dry in a 3 ½ gallon sealed pail. One bucket is sufficient to complete an average sized smoke chamber with larger chambers requiring two or more. Just mix the dry material with water (instructions on pail) using a standard paddle mixer and it’s ready to use.

Improve the operation of your fireplace and increase the safety of your home.
Smoktite is a highly insulative ceramic product that is used to seal, smooth and insulate chimney smoke chambers without removing the damper frame or adjacent brickwork. Smoktite sprays on to seal the surface with a durable ceramic coating that is good up to 2291 degrees Fahrenheit and is impervious to acids, vapors, and water. Introduced in the summer of 2002, Smoktite is now being used by chimney professionals all across the country.