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Multi-Cage Lid - Stainless Steel for 3/4" Mesh Caps

The standard Universal will fit 90% to 95% of the flues in your area. For the other 5% or 10% of the chimneys we have other Universal type Chimney caps.

What Is a Multi-Cage Lid?

A Multi-Cage lid is used to create odd size caps from standard Universal chimney caps.

For example: two 13”x13” Universal caps placed end to end gives you a 13”x26” cap that adjusts down to 6”x19”. You can also put dampeners in each cap!

Remember, with a Universal chimney cap you get 7” of adjustment in any
dimension! We have Multi-Cage Lids for either End to End or Side by Side cages.

Note: These prices are for the lid only. In order to get the price of the complete
cap you must combine the cost of the lid with the cost of the two black
Universal caps that go with it, minus $6.00 for the two lids for the Universal
caps you don’t need.

Available in Black Galvanized and Stainless Steel.