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California Universal Specialty Cap - Copper - 5/8" Mesh
Size 13x13

Because the California Universal only fits about 95% of masonry chimneys in California, Chimney Products has some caps to fit the remaining 5%. the most popular (most used) is the 13"x13" which fits down to 8"x8" and everything in between (like 9", 10", 12" and 13" masonry rounds). They are constructed with the same quality materials as the California Universal with 5/8" mesh, and installs the same way.

California Universal Chimney Cap in Copper! For those folks who want the top of the line, you can't beat copper. Over time these copper caps patina get that "antiqued" look that is so popular.

The packing is a little different because of their size--you can get them shipped in either a single or 5-Pack. Great for the S.F. Bay Area's patent chimneys and those concrete "tilt-ups".