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California Universal Chimney Cap - Copper - 5/8" Mesh
Size - 13x20.5
Lifetime Guarantee!

California Universal Chimney Cap in Copper! For those folks who want the top of the line, you can't beat copper. Over time these copper caps patina get that "antiqued" look that is so popular.

The Universal Copper Cap's mesh and hardware are copper clad 304 Stainless Steel, the anchor is stainless, and the top is all copper.

The Universal Copper Cap comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. There is nothing finer on the market!

Ships in either a single box or economical 4-pack just like the 101. When folks want a LIFETIME of trouble free service, this is the one to recommend.

Held on by an inside mounted anchor, so it works even when the chimney doesn't have a raised flue line.

And of course, there is a Universal Dampener Kit for the California Universal Chimney Cap. This combination makes an all stainless steel cap-damper.