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California Universal Chimney Cap
Black Galvanized - 5/8" Mesh

The “101”, “Premie”, “Galvie”, “The Black One”, “The one I always order”, yep this is the one. Fits 95% of masonry chimneys in California! Fits every California oval! Chimney sweeps, stove stores and masonry contractors have installed more than 300,000 of them over the last 19 years, so I guess they work. Comes with a 6 year guarantee, no tools to install and real friendly! Black power coated, with 24 gauge stamped lid (with a little chimney sweep on it), 18 gauge expanded metal-diamond mesh in 5/8” California code. Also available in ¾ mesh. 

Ships in either a single box or the compact, economical 4-pack.

Held on by an inside mounted anchor, so it works even when the chimney doesn't have a raised flue line.

Of course, there is a Universal Dampener Kit for the California Universal Chimney Cap. Anything the cap fits (95%), so will the damper.