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How Much do you Charge for a Chimney Cap?
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is how much should you charge for a chimney cap. The second question is how much are other sweeps charging and is your price too low.

What are the factors that tell how much you should charge? Well, first, you are not competing with the caps at Home Depot or Lowe's. Why? One, if the customer wanted one of those he would already have it.

And two, how much would those stores charge to come out and install it?

Third, you are doing the installation and risking your neck on the chimney. You are also choosing the right appliance for the job and making sure it fits and works. 

Fourth, you are selling your knowledge and expertise on the subject. Chances are the customer didn't know they needed a cap or why. You could be saving the customer hundreds or thousands in repairs, or maybe even their entire house. 

Fifth, the chimney cap itself is backed by the manufacturer. 

Sixth, you are doing a job and need to make a living too. You are not doing this as a community service. Any repairman (plumbing, appliance, phone, etc.) charges handsomely for making house calls and any products they sell. 

O.K., considering all this, you should charge about $350 to install a chimney cap. Odds are, you are not charging enough. But what does the market bear? That depends on your area. 

From the registration cards we get back, prices are highest in metropolitan areas, ranging from $150 to $500. Other areas range from $70 (too low) to $150. 

Many sweeps report that they sell more when they raise prices. If something is too cheap it doesn't seem valuable enough to buy. Raise your prices and you can sell more. You can always come down in price if they say "no". But you can't raise your price once they say "yes".
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