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Another fine product from SaverSystems, CrownSeal is used wherever a long-lasting exterior waterproof membrane is needed, as on chimney crowns, the top of masonry walls and after stucco repair.

Comes with 10 year warranty, stays permanently flexible and no bonding agent is required. Has a natural concrete/mortar look and is ready to use right out of the container (no mixing).

CrownSeal can be used as a bonding mortar to replace badly spalled brick units or for parging over brick faces that may have spalled, (if remaining brick is solid). Product can be used for crack repair, surface grouting and tuckpointing.

Coverage: At 1/8" thickness, 14-18 sq. ft. per gallon. At 1/4" thickness, 7-9 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on texture and porosity of surface to be coated.

Dries to touch within one hour. Cures completely in 24-72 hours depending on thickness. This product is freeze/thaw stable. Comes in either 2 or 5 gallon recyclable plastic containers.