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Dealing with indoor air quality issues is no longer a luxury, it's part of the job of every chimney professional. Whether to satisfy the requirements of an un-vented gas appliance or to provide make up air for a wood stove, the AVS-90 offers a professional solution to one of the most basic hearth problems!

In today's tighter homes, even the best equipment, properly installed, can fail to operate as designed if the basics are neglected. Wood or gas, vented or un-vented, an air starved appliance won't perform up to standards.

When a customer calls with a problem, and suggesting opening a window doesn't solve it, it is time to install the permanent fix, the ASV-90. 

Simple to use, simple to install...but what a difference a little fresh air can make! Made of tough ABS plastic, the ASV-90 requires no electricity to operate. Requiring only a four inch hole in the wall, it's as easy as installing a dryer vent. The chimney professional can leave the job knowing he has met all the customer's needs!